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Part 1: How to find deleted twitter accounts with

There are few ways to find deleted Twitter and Facebook accounts such as using Scrapebox or a similar scraper but Im going to explain method in this first part.

Because its much easier for you and youre able to find fresher accounts by this way.

Lets get started with required tools account with a premium plan. Because you need to analyse the URLs in bulk.Excel or something similar.Patience like a Saint

Relation between dropping domains and social properties

If a company goes bankrupt or a startup fails, they usually shut down their social accounts as well as the websites to keep the bad reputation away.

And some of them use their company / website names as a social account URL.

Obviously, our first goal is to identify these failed organizations websites, we will then turn these domain names into Twitter URLs.

Lets head to

More than 80k domain expires each day and we have to gather all URLs in an Excel worksheet (or a similar software.)

But lets filter them first. Because we dont want to check each one of them blindly.


arrowGo to Additional tab.



Then tick the box Twitter available and apply the change.

This will take out all the domains with the live Twitter account. (Around 10.000 in our case)



Now weve ended up with 50k domains.


I usually sort them out by Domain Authority. You can do the same. But you may need to customize your columns first.

arrowNow you can download them as a simple text file. This will give you only the domain names, just like we want.


arrowOpen your .txt file with Excel.


arrowNext we have to get rid of the domain extensions.

Press CTRL + F and Find and Replace screen will appear.

arrowOpen the replace tab.

Enter .** for the first line and leave blank the second line. Then click on Replace all.

(Sorry for the software language. I couldnt change it.)

This will delete all extensions and will leave only domain names.


Now its time to turn all domain names into Twitter URLs.

But move column A to B first.


Enter into to first cell (A1).


There are 30k domain names in our Excel file, therefore, we need 30k Twitter URLs.

Now, select the first cell.

Click on the bottom right corner of the cell and drag down.arrowexpiredtwitter11

This will clone your first cell as many as you want.

Of course, we want 30k in this case. So we need to clone 30k times. It takes around 30 45 seconds.arrow

Now we have 30k rows of URLs and domain names. Its time to combine two columns into one.expiredtwitter12arrow

Select cell C1, copy-paste the code below and press enter.



Then youll get the entire URL automatically:


Again, we have to clone this code 30k times.

Click on the bottom right corner of the C1 and drag down.


Now copy your entire C column and paste into a different Excel sheet or text file.

Finally, weve got what we want! There may be a fancy way to combine the columns, but Im not an Excel guy.

Anyway, itll be easier once you get comfortable with it.



Just kidding Theres no fun here

Im assuming you have a Majestic account.

If so, open Majestics bulk link checker tool and upload your txt file.


Accept the charges to begin the process


Youll be redirected to Downloads page. Wait around 3 minutes and refresh the page. Now you can download link analysis of 30k Twitter URLs.

In this study, I found 4 deleted Twitter accounts with backlinks, now just repeat entire process with another extensions

If you get lucky you can find up to 10-30 domains a day with this method. But you need to check other TLDs too.


cemCem Akbulut

Founder and owner at A premium domain service and provider of premium PBN tools. He supplies some of the best software for tasks you didnt know you needed to do much less automate. There are many people doing the same techniques in SEO, Cem isnt one of them.
08 Avr 2016
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Synopsis Of Exclusive Banksy Canvas Art Prints

art pieces from topmost art gallery/a> prints demonstrate real workings of art and they are really superb when it comes to decoration of house. Lot of people goes for Banksy canvas prints for home decoration and they select patterns that are popular since the release of wall and piece compilation. Graffiti work got a name due to the efforts put forward by banksy, and it has become an ultimate option of artwork for art lovers. The work done by banksy always liked by people and they can spend a lot of money just to own a banksy canvas print.

Canvas art prints developed by companies demonstrate the artwork of banksy and has given name banksy canvas prints to the patterns that resembles to the street art mania generated by artist himself. Art galleries organize so many art events on theme based on banksy canvas prints, and art lovers pay huge amount to gather a single copy of canvas art work. There is a huge demand amongst people for canvas art prints of banksy pattern, and stock is limited on shops, there is a tough competition faced by people to place order for a banksy canvas print.

Due to the fact that banksy is not in reach of common people, companies providing discount rates on auction of canvas prints and it is a straight-forward chance for art lovers to secure their lovable copy of canvas prints. Canvas developing companies making huge profits from banksy artwork as it is the heart-throb for many, it will be nice to hang banksy canvas art prints on walls, as it will generate striking effect on eyes of people. Canvas art prints has become the most desirable options to decorate homes in UK. Thousands of websites providing canvas prints on discount rates, as other options are costly and does not providing satisfaction to the clients.

There are so many patterns of banksy French Quarter Art Gallery canvas prints, and we can select the most relevant according to our house background, we can also place order for a canvas art print of our photograph as it will be better to present yourself as a celebrity in front of people. Lots of options we can look into decide on canvas prints that are not common and provide our home an extraordinary beauty.

For those who want to book their canvas art print of banksy style, it is good news as they can shop around for canvas prints to manage the beautiful house in UK. Canvas prints are also available for office decoration.

17 Mar 2016
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Importance Of Reclaimed Flooring


Reclaimed hardwood or softwood flooring contains: reclaimed European oak, reclaimed French oak, Reclaimed English oak, reclaimed pine, reclaimed pitch pine, reclaimed Douglas Fir, reclaimed, teak, reclaimed strip, reclaimed parquet. The key factor currently being that due to their age, several years proceed these types of aged woods as well as timbers were gradual risen timbers, therefore they were yet still are generally harder and better quality hardwood compared to woods developed nowadays. Many people question is really reclaimed flooring powerful, will it last? Purely, indeed it'll as well as remain to last. Genuine strong reclaimed flooring is much sturdier compared to the majority of brand new strong hardwood flooring distributed on the current market.

Almost all types of reclaimed, antique oak floors existing us along with great examples. We tend to notice a lot of problem reports at the reclaimed flooring co including cupping brand new solid oak flooring brought in coming from foreign mostly China. We discover hardly any relating to effectively handled, reclaimed & salvaged oak flooring. This is due to of the proper wet condition content material in the reclaimed wood, antique, salvaged, old oak planks. Wide plank oak flooring may also existing much more issues however if very carefully placed by a skilled reclaimed floor surfaces floor fitter, then your challenges of cupping are usually nominal.

The grade of these types of old, antique oak floorboards could be checked out by simply evaluating the particular grain patterns as well as rigidity in the wooden floorboards. In case the wooden oak floor contains a thick grain which can feel difficult to touch with your hand nail, if the actual wetness content is actually in between 7-10% as well as if all careful wooden floorboards installation trade guidelines (underfloor heating included) are considered, there shouldn't be issue. Reclaimed hardwood, solid antique oak flooring & underfloor heating can easily exhibit issues if your wooden flooring isn't provided properly or even the wooden flooring fitting has been carried out improperly.

Well-known Reclaimed Floorboards choices - Light tones, Strip Flooring.

Reclaimed Wooden flooring is actually our interest, our business title claims simply just that. There is certainly improving demand for services for Reclaimed floor surfaces due to the environmentally friendly occasions we are now living in, we have got numerous reclaimed surfaces choices to match any kind of likes as well as price range which range from 18.50- 200.00 per m2. Maple as well as Birch strip flooring is actually a strong as well as traditional selection for strong, reclaimed floors that won't crack banks.

Reclaimed Maple Flooring: Maple is a good grained wood having a sleek interior floors sarasota structure. The majority of the reclaimed Maple you will notice will probably have been picked up from dance as well as fitness center places, as a effect it will generally have a dense coating of lacquer and frequently a darkish look. Sand back those sheets however, and you're simply looking at an extremely gentle hardwood.

Without having stain Maple has an amazing sparkle when completed, and is also outstanding to make a space appear larger as well as experience interesting by reflecting the natural light.

Reclaimed Beech Flooring: Beech is a stunning exposed wood in its normal style, with the number of alternatives in shade, along with a stunning solid under foot. Individuals who have at any time been to a today's physical activities room will certainly almost certainly have experienced beech wooden flooring, because the majority of sporting activities surfaces in the united kingdom are manufactured using Junkers Beech.

Ecological concerns:

Then you might have the truth that reclaimed floors is actually Eco-friendly; recycled surfaces that could have or else eliminated into land-fill, and every one protecting trees from being cut-down to create brand new wooden flooring.

10 Mar 2016
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Why Data Protection Solutions Are a Must-Have

If you're a business owner, or even a manager with a business, then there's a higher likelihood that at some part or another you've experienced some form of a pc problem. Whether it was as small as having troubles with a particular software program or as significant as a hard drive crashing. In today's era we all face technology each day and thus it's only a matter of time before we encounter a problem with the technology. While some of these troubles are common in general occasionally you will discover an issue that is a result of an unskilled person patching something together. With the result just as one overly exposed and vulnerable network.

As the name indicates, Virtual private server is actually a virtualized server. A dedicated server is mimicked by VPS inside a shared enviroment environment. Technically, it is usually referred to as a blend of both dedicated and hosting that is shared. Dedicated hosting is often chosen by those businesses who expect huge traffic on the websites due to which they desire a whole server. In shared web hosting, an enterprise will typically rent a small portion of the server since they don't expect excessive traffic. Linux VPS, however, is quite different and is extremely much like Virtual Box. With this program, several operating systems that were virtualized could be run on one machine.

Encounter completely separate hosting atmosphere inside the identical server. Possessing a greater flexibility & handle on his or her system. Tighter safety will likely be offered about the vps atmosphere. Appropriate for tiny-medium-sized web site. The group of skilled and experienced VPS engineers are going to be hundred % focused on supplying the customer with efficient VPS hosting encounter in Singapore & Asia Pacific Area. The VPS Server are Positioned in the Qala Information Center in Singapore. There are totally managed Singapore VPS with proactive monitoring could possibly be the regular in the VPS hosting plans with sufficient memory operating their VPS effectively.

If you?re at all like me and would like to make the most beyond SeNuke X you?ll must have it running different projects during different points in the your day you to get you?ll should be running it twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days annually. That means you?ll have to either require a dedicated machine to own it or have another additional cost for a Windows Server. Currently I?m by using a Virtual Private Server (VPS) with Windows Server 2008 Standard which runs me about $33.00 monthly.

Dedicated hosting ought to be the number 1 tool for any web user to watch out for when they are generating a larger business website, it might not be for business but a private blog or almost any website. If that's getting 1000s of hits daily then dedicated hosting will likely be there to handle the visitor count.

04 Mar 2016

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